Our beautiful yoga studios represent a peaceful and pleasant place at which you and your fellow yogis invest in their health and well-being. In order for everyone to enjoy their experiences, adherence to the following guidelines ensures gracious yogi etiquette:

  • Arrive early so we can start on time. (To minimize distraction, the doors are locked when the class session starts.) We hold class reservations until five minutes before the starts, then we open up the stand-by list.
  • Take off your shoes and leave them in the provided shelves located in the lobby area.
  • As the hot rooms are tranquil sanctuaries of calm and quiet, silence is golden once you step inside the yoga studio. No talking please.
  • Listen. If you have questions for your instructor, you are welcome and encouraged to ask before or after class.
  • Try to stay in the hot room for the entire class. If you need to take a break, no problem–take a seat and relax on your mat until you are ready to resume the poses again.
  • It is customary to wait until after “Eagle” pose to take your first sip of water, allowing your body to properly warm up from the inside out. Throughout the rest of your class, please sip water in between the postures.
  • Turn off all mobile devices and leave them outside of the hot room in lockers, which are provided at all studios.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or strong fragrances of any kind.
  • First timers should set up their mat in the back row (away from the mirrors), while seasoned practitioners are encouraged to set up in the front row.
  • Do let your instructor know of any medical conditions or physical injuries, whether acute or chronic.
  • Breathe, be patient, and attend with an open mind.

First Time students can download a registration form HERE

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