EagleWelcome to Chicago’s original hot yoga studios! Nervous? No problem! We were all beginners once. We cater to first timers. Here’s how you do it.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class starts (doors open a half hour before each class and lock when the class session begins). We hold class reservations until five minutes before the starts, then we open up the stand-by list.  This rule is most likely to be invoked for classes held for the Lincoln Park Mezzanine 5:30pm class because of that room’s 25 yogi limit. Make sure you are adequately hydrated and come with an empty stomach (avoid large meals within three hours). Bring a mat, towel, and water bottle or rent/buy at the studio (mats are $1, towels are $2 and drinks range from $1.25-$4).

Climb the stairs, exchange smiles, sign in, and get ready for class. Enter the studio and think, “wow, that’s hot.” It’s the kind of heat that thaws the stiffest of beginners and challenges all skill levels. Good thing you’re wearing lightweight workout clothing. Don’t worry, it takes everybody a few classes to acclimate to the heat.

Look around. You’ll see other students of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes. We all suffer similarly. If you set up your mat away from the mirror in the back rows, you’ll have a better perspective to see how the poses are performed. Don’t worry, it takes everybody a few classes to gain basic competency in the poses.

When the lights turn up, stand up and face the mirror. Listen to the teacher’s instructions and try each pose to the best of your ability. As daunting as the heat, the poses and your physical conditioning may seem, stay in the room for the entire class, even if you if you have to sit or lie down. Just sip some water and watch the show.

After class, cool off in the lobby and enjoy the feeling of being alive!

First Time students can download a registration form  HERE